Cheetah Shooter

Cheetah Shooter


Spotted marshmallow fun! It's easier than ever to customize each family or friend's marshmallow weapon of choice with bold new patterns and colors – like this trendy pink cheetah pattern. This clever, pump-action device fires miniature marshmallows approximately 30 feet on a line. The easy-to-fill and refill magazine holds 25 marshmallows and is top-rack, dishwasher safe to clean. Designed with kids in mind, the Cheetah Marshmallow Shooter is fun for all ages and provides a soft, hearty laugh on impact. Join the party and pass the marshmallows, it’s time to battle hard and play soft.

Download Product Instructions HERE  – Shooter Instructions 

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  1. anna

    My 7 year old received this for Christmas. Lots of fun and easy to use. Shooter seems to be pretty sturdy. The pink cheetah pattern is very pretty.

    • MarshFun

      Thanks for taking timeout over the holidays to let us know! We hope you enjoy the Cheetah Marshmallow Shooter and have a Happy New Year!

  2. Case

    Does it hold regular sized marshmallows or small?

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