Camo Shooter

Camo Shooter


Guerilla warfare has never been so sweet. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter delivers loads of fun, firing miniature marshmallows at a range of approximately 30 feet. Hunt down the neighborhood ‘prey’ or surprise an enemy from a camouflaged position. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter magazine holds 25 rounds of fun and is dishwasher safe. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter brings a whole new meaning to having marshmallows around the campfire.

Download Product Instructions HERE  – Shooter Instructions 

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  1. LaShawnda Weston

    Review  –:

    Full of laughter n full…

  2. Alicia

    Review  –:

    Be sure to use fresh marshmallows…..stale ones will not allow a vacuum to form!

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