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May 30, 2013
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Marshmallow Fun Company  “Hits the Target” with Licensing Deal with Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

DALLAS, (June 14, 2013) Marshmallow Fun Company, announces their partnership with Duck Commander and Buck Commander in producing their own line of Marshmallow Shooters, Marshmallow Blasters, Marshmallow Bow & Mallows and more with Commanders touch and style. With 8.6 million people tuning into the 3rd season premier you will recognize the Robertson family from their hit A&E show “Duck Dynasty”.

Duck-Commander-Shooter-BoxWith the upcoming launch the eye catching packaging that the Marshmallow products are well known for will have the Robertson personality mixed in having their fans going crazy to get their own.  The line will launch with the Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter and Marshmallow Blaster with additional models to follow.

Family and friends are the common strength among the three companies so you know nothing will hit the shelves without Phil, Si, Willie, Jase, Korie & Kay Robertson testing the shooters themselves. Their fans would pay to see that alone!!
The products will be offered through the Company’s national distribution channels of  retail stores and allows the Marshmallow Fun Company to take the next step in distribution by moving further into the hunting arena.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to continue to expand our product line with the enormous success of the Duck and Buck Commander. You can see from their show they know what fun is about so if they say our shooters are fun then how can I argue with that..” says Beaver Raymond – Co-Founder of Marshmallow Fun Company.

We are LOCKED AND LOADED for receiving orders for September.



  1. Looks like alot of fun. I hope we can get those marshmallow products in Australia

  2. J Gould says:

    I got one for my birthday and use it to shoot the kids when we go camping. I have a lot of fun with it and enjoy the fun with the kids. Since I am over 65 it is a way of communicating with the younger kids.

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