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A shooter, a blaster, a bow & mallow? This is the crazy world of edible ammo from Marshmallow Fun.

Classic Shooter

Classic Marshmallow Shooter

The award-winning Marshmallow Fun Company strongly believes that kids (and grownups) can have fun with food, especially when you can shoot marshmallows up to 40 feet at unsuspecting targets. The company’s first product — a Marshmallow Shooter that held 25 “rounds” of mini-marshmallows –was originally designed in blue and red and sold for $24.95. Marshmallow Fun enjoys introducing new styles of their now classic product.

In a time when many companies’ sales are down or out, Marshmallow Fun Company is actually flourishing. Despite the state of the economy, the company nearly doubled their sales in 2009, up to $7.5 million from $4 million in 2008.

Jake Raymond Marshmallow Shooter

Beaver, Kim & Jake Raymond


The idea for a marshmallow shooter originated in Dallas, Texas when parents Kim and Beaver Raymond and their son Jake were preparing for Jake’s 9th birthday party. As a party favor, Jake and Beaver spent half the night assembling marshmallow blowers for each of the 15 guests from PVC pipe. Kim came up with the idea for marshmallows to be used as safe, soft, edible ammo.

Johnny de la Valdene Marshmallow Fun Company

Johnny de la Valdene


What ensued was riotous fun! As parents began picking up their kids they wanted to know what all the chaos and fun was about. One parent and friend of the Raymonds, John delaValdene, now a partner in the business, saw what a great product idea they had.

Beaver Raymond

Beaver Raymond

He and Beaver had spent many hours brainstorming about the next big product or toys for kids, and it struck him like a lightning bolt that these marshmallow shooters had big potential. They sent their concept to friend and engineer, Jeff Mitchell, who is also now a partner. They didn’t realize that Mitchell was also an accomplished gunsmith, and his prowess and expertise would help make their future products both perform well and be extremely safe for kids to use.


Naturally, safety is extremely important to the company’s founders. The lung-powered blower is designed so that a child can’t inhale a marshmallow from either end. The shooters won’t blast anything that can’t compress and then regain its shape, like a rock, stick or stale marshmallow, only something soft like a marshmallow. Finally, they designed the blaster so that the air bursts out of the muzzle’s sides and not just the front, so kids can’t hurt themselves by shooting at close range.

Consumers may have noticed the marshmallows flying on Hannah Montana, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, The Jay Leno Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in addition to dozens of news programs. Marshmallow Fun products can be found everywhere – at Toys “R” Us, Target and Learning Express, in catalogs like Hammacher Schlemmer and online boutiques including the company’s own website.

Marshmallow Shooters Featured in the Media

Marshmallow Shooters Featured in the Media

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